Support Retainer

We'll handle the tech, just sit back and relax

Congratulations. You launched a wicked new website (or application, you get what we mean). The functionality is top-notch the look and feel are sharp, the content is compelling, and your conversion rate would make the Hare Krishnas jealous. We know it was a lot of work to get here but it's not over yet. It’ll never be over if you truly want a return on your investment. If you don’t monitor your site, measure performance, and improve it regularly, your website will easily fall out of date, out of sync, and out of line with your business goals.

With a support retainer, we'll ensure your shiny, happy, new website continues to perform well for you and your users. You’ll save money in the long term and protect your current investment by doing ongoing maintenance, testing, and iterative improvements. It means you won’t have to do a major ground-up redesign of your site because it will never fall out of date.  

And with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) going on, we see a lot of spikes in traffics. Some end up overloading the servers, causing downtime and reduces speed. Our team has built your website with load balancing at mind, with this support retainers, we will temporarily increase your processing power by mitigating some of that traffics to our servers. Better yet, if you are using our hosting services, we'll temporarily upgrade them for free. Keeping your site up and running no matter what. We also tighten the security and be on the lookout for anyone tries to sneak in during the chaos. Protecting your site from any threats that might causes harm.  

Here at Imperial Anthonian, we love building great websites for our clients but just as important to us is making sure those websites continue to function and prosper. It's a bit like hiring a landscaper to build you a gorgeous garden and then have them keep the lawn mowed, the beds weeded, and the bushes trimmed. And since we’re experts at building high-functioning, compelling websites, we’re also experts in keeping them that way. Best of all, we’re here to answer your questions and help you deal with any issues that may arise from hosting to HTML.  

We'll provide up to 10 hours of service each month. If any requested changes will take more than the budgeted hours, we'll provide a separate quote that will need to be paid on top of the retainer.

From $2000/mo

👑 Plus Premium Support 

📞 Dedicated Phone Support

🔒  Security Monitoring
📊 Performance Monitoring

📉 Uptime Monitoring

📈 Traffic Monitoring

🔨 Bug Fix and Enhancements

💾 Backups*

🔍 SEO Monitoring

🔗 Broken Link Checks

*Automatic backups not available for Shopify and BigCommerce



Dedicated Phone Support

Dedicated Phone Support

Dedicated Phone Support

Plus Premium Support customers will have their own extension number when calling us. Type in your extension number when you call us and your dedicated team of experts will be there to help!


Online Dashboard

Dedicated Phone Support

Dedicated Phone Support

Manage everything from your own online dashboard. Instant access to your reports, open a ticket, use the live chat, and more from a dashboard that is one click away. Getting help has never been easier!


We Got It Covered

Dedicated Phone Support

We Got It Covered

Rest assured that we will handle everything for you. All your updates, securities, bugs, everything. Even if your server is going down, we will keep your service running with our own servers.