Cyber Security

We want to make sure you are safe!

The world is not safe, and we are here to keep you safe. Scam and fraud are everywhere, follow this guide to stay safe.

Verify Sources

If someone contacted you and you do not know the identity of that person, make sure that is a real person! 

1. Check email, a real business will not use gmail, hotmail, outlook, aol, yahoo or common email address. These are usually people trying to get a one-time email address to scam you. Be sure to check for any typo, a slightest mistake can bring you to a different account. For example, "m" became "rn" or "awesomeness" became "awesomenes".

2. Check the name of the person/business. Most people and businesses are active on social medias for various reasons. Google it and make sure you can find them, if you couldn't find them, then it is probably a fake.

3. Check the phone number matches what it supposed to be, DO NOT ACCEPT UNKNOWN CALLER! Almost everyone and every business will have a phone number, if it is a company phone number, make sure it matches the one on their website. And be sure to test call it to make sure it is a real number belongs to the right person.

4. DO NOT GO TO SUSPICIOUS WEBSITES, they can contain fake information or malware waiting to scam you. Website creation is not regulated, anyone who knows how can create a website easily, and yes they can put anything they like on it, including malwares. If you don't trust the website, chances are they are dangerous.

5. DO NOT CLICK ON SUSPICIOUS LINKS, links can bring you anywhere, including the belly of the den of the nest of malwares. Be sure you know where it is going to bring you before you click on it. If in doubt check it with or any anti-virus you like.

Department of Safety & Security

The International Group of Anthony (Imperial Anthonian) has established a department specifically to keep our employees and clients safe from scams. The Department of Safety and Security (DSS) is tasked to scan all communications on our system for any virus and malwares.

The DSS will assist in any verification of all HAIL IGA or Imperial Anthonian communications. All emails, messages, calls or any form of communication from our network will be protected by the DSS. The DSS can verify the authenticity of the document for you.

How Can DSS Help You?

If you received any suspicious communication from us, the DSS can help verify it's authenticity for you. Contact the DSS at [email protected] and follow the instruction given to verify the communication.

Suspicious Message?



Contact Department of Safety & Security at [email protected] immediately.

Note: DSS only protects clients and personnel in contact with HAIL IGA or Imperial Anthonian communications.

Contact DSS

Drop us a line!